Is Casino Bonus Hunting Still Effective?

When online casinos first started offering bonuses to new players, they had one goal in mind: attract as many new customers as possible to join their sites. And while it seemed like a generous, sincere way of rewarding players for their loyalty, it did come with a trick. The players who requested the bonus had to give something back, a promise to stay on the site and make a deposit, before they could convert their bonus money into real money.

Players quickly realized that the bonus wasn't really free, so they came up with the idea of ​​getting around the casino rules. They started creating accounts at many online casinos. Sometimes even more than one account with the same casino under a different name to claim the bonus two or more times. The idea was to claim the bonus at one casino, use it, withdraw any winnings and continue to do the same at the other casinos in order to profit from the bonuses. This is how the term “bonus hunt” was born. In short, bonus hunting is the activity of using bonuses to make a profit on many casino websites. As such, it has been a popular strategy among online gamers over the years.

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Is Bonus Hunt still possible?

In recent years, as governments have begun delving into online gambling, regulators have tightened the rules. To prevent the gambling problem, protect players and make online gambling fairer, regulators have introduced many new laws. They also reviewed bonuses and promotions, free spins, etc, spotted anomalies and loopholes in the regulations, and established a set of rules on how these offers could be delivered. Operators saw this as an opportunity to make it much more difficult to meet wagering requirements, especially for bonus hunters. While in the past wagering requirements were say 5 times the bonus amount, today they are anywhere from 15 to 50 times the bonus amount!

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With the new strict rules and higher wagering requirements, bonus hunting might be a lot harder to do, but it's achievable. Opportunities to bypass wagering requirements are extremely rare, but they do exist. There are various online casinos that give you no deposits, no wagering offers that you can take advantage of. However, be careful as none of the bonuses are completely free so must have some rules attached like withdrawal limits or at least make one deposit and play at the casino before you can cash out your winnings. As tempting as it is, these offers will keep you on the page for some reason.

Casinos today know well about bonus hunting and are doing everything they can to protect themselves from it. But as long as you are not greedy and looking for real cash gains in the bonus hunt, you can actually enjoy sweet bonuses at most online casinos.

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